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    The 'Original' Intelligent HR Software

            Pioneering HR Software that works using our 
                             Unique Traffic Light
             to Pro-Actively Streamline your HR Processes

Employersafe’s intelligent personnel HR Software was our first product and the one which sparked headlines across the UK.  Our HR software works in conjunction with our employment law services.

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TimeSafe is an web based time and attendance system that allows your staff to clock in and out either by a virtual clock or by using our hardware fingerprint clocks

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This specialised version of our H&S Software provides employers with the support they need in a world dominated by bureaucracy and mountains of paperwork.

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Employersafe HR Software includes access to our FREE Employment Law Advice Line!

What makes our HR Software different?

Employersafe is the only HR Software of its kind to give you the support of industry leading employment law specialists.

Hundreds of companies are already using our Employersafe human resources software – the revolutionary HR software which allows you to run your business more efficiently and productively.

The unique HR Software has not only won favour with Britain’s business community – it has also received widespread coverage in the national media. The Daily Telegraph, Financial Times, Daily Mail and Tonight with Trevor McDonald have all written and broadcast extensively about our product.

Comprehensive Support

When you choose our Employersafe HR software, you get so much more than just the software. You can gain access to the unique range of supporting services offered by our parent company ELAS.

These services have been specifically designed to provide employers with access to a wealth of expertise, from personnel documentation to tribunal representation, as well as a 24-hour telephone advice service. Our advice is supported by a comprehensive indemnity to ensure you remain totally protected.

TimeSafe - Time and Attendance

ELAS has also introduced an easy to use Time and Attendance software system that allows employees to clock in or out by either using a virtual clock or a fingerprint hardware clock. 

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Also visit to find out more about our employment law and health and safety services.


What are the benefits?

Click on a benefit below to read more on how our HR software, Health and Safety software and Time and Attendance software can help you:

  • Personnel Software SAVES £££'s!The overall cost to business of our national absenteeism problem is a staggering £13billion.  Our Employersafe HR software saves money by making it easy for you to keep track of employees who repeatedly miss work due to unauthorised absence. Our HR software offers unrivalled value for money, and unlocks the priceless support of our team of experienced lawyers.  HR software

  • ELAS HR SoftwareOur HR software unlocks the unique range of supporting services offered by  our parent company, ELAS. These have been specifically designed to reduce the burden placed upon employers by providing them with access to a wealth of expertise. Our professional team is on hand to act as a support mechanism to businesses, either with or without a dedicated personnel department. Read more about ELAS  HR Software

  • Pro-active HR SoftwareEmployersafe HR software operates on a simple traffic light system to make is easy to see which matters need attention. Our HR software has been designed to ease the burden of managing employee related activity, whilst enabling you to operate within the parameters of the law. All employee records are stored in a single database and, because it can link with other systems such as SAGE Payroll, it will save you time in having to enter duplicate information and will streamline your paperwork.  HR Software

  • Our HR software will highlight any potential problems that need to be addressed; for example, it will proactively identify those employees who disrupt your business through unauthorised absences, as well as calculate the cost of this. In addition, our HR software will provide step-by-step guidance on how to deal with discipline and grievance issues and will ensure you will always contact our advice line at the appropriate time, so that you don't miss important steps in following statutory legal procedures.  HR Software

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Employersafe HR Software sees through 21st century excuses

MODERN technology aimed at making our lives easier is increasingly being blamed by workers turning up late for work or meetings, a survey has revealed.

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